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botanic records

nedelja, 24. november 2013

DRAŠLER/KARLOVČEC/DRAŠLER - STIR (Zavod Sploh/L'innomable, 2013)

                                       DRAŠLER / KARLOVČEC / DRAŠLER 
                                                   Jošt Drašler – double bass

                                                Marko Karlovčec – saxophone
                                                        Vid Drašler – drums

Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler is a working ensemble of three active improvisers who also contribute to the wider slovenian underground scene in the fields of improvised music, jazz, noise, rock and experimental electronics. In this trio they meet at the crossroads of free improvisation and free-jazz, developing their expression in increasingly numerous concerts.
 Reviewing one of them, music journalist Luka Zagoričnik wrote for Radio Student:

„With yesterday's concert of the Drašler Karlovčec Drašler trio slovenian jazz finally got a complete picture through carefully built, expressively rich, sparkingly improvisational and energetically saturated free-jazz expression...“ 
„This concert was the strongest manifestation of slovenian free-jazz up until now and among the better free-jazz gigs in recent times.“

On another occasion, commeting their recent concert at the inernational festival Jazz Cerkno, Ičo Vidmar wrote for the daily Dnevnik:

„If I am not mistaken, this the first slovenian, broadly speaking, free-jazz formation playing with musical determination and groundedness at a renowned inernational jazz festival. This would have been something unheard of twenty or thirty years ago, despite the activities of certain talented and daring individuals.“

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